Sean Davis

I write essays, stories, and plays. I also paint using mostly acrylics and my art hangs at the Six Days Gallery in on NE Alberta and 27th in the heart of the Alberta Arts District in Portland, Oregon. I’m an adjunct writing teacher for colleges around the Portland area. I’m also a regular contributer to the Good Man Project and I have a column called The American Drug at Nailed Magazine. I’m the veterans service coordinator for the opera Canticle of the Black Madonna. This opera will be at the Newmark Theatre early next September. I also PA for television and film with my latest being Human – The Movie. I helped produce In Theatre this year which was backed by a RACC grant. It was a series of one-act plays this summer written and acted by predominantly combat veterans. I served most my adult life in the Army Infantry, but after being injured in the Iraq War I decided to leave to try to be an artist, writer, and teacher. I have an EIB, CIB,  a Purple Heart, A BA from Portland State University, and an MFA from Pacific University. My memoir The Wax Bullet War is being published by Ooligan Press and will be out Spring 2014.

Story Corps from NPR recently stopped by Portland and put together a great interview. Here is the full interview of Miah Washburn interviewing me. This was recorded and placed in the Library of Congress. I put the interview to some photographs and made a video of it:



Non Fiction

Articles and Essays!5-sean-davis/c1lsg

Ooligan Press Start to Finish Page:


Here are some newslinks that mention me:




My art currently hangs at Six Days Gallery in the middle of the Alberta Arts District.

To see the art I’m currently working on go to my Facebook page.

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One thought on “Links

  1. Hello SEan. I left you a phone message last week. Would love to discuss you coming to speak with my students at an “assembly”. Please connect to discuss. I got your name from colleague Greg McMahon -his wife knows you from something here in Portland.

    I am Len Carr at Catlin Gabel School

    Thank you for considering.

    503 297 1894 x406

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